Lada Malek's Home Page

Claude Garton (LKHD) Herbarium Research Associate

This is a post-retirement remnant of my original Lakehead University web page - the first web page to be established at Lakehead University by my then MSc student Martin Ligr. The main changes relate to the fact that I no longer accept graduate students for plant biochemistry and biotechnology research. I also only teach undergraduate project courses related to the herbarium activities.

My teaching and research in plant biology are not completely over, I simply dismantled the expensive to run plant biochemistry laboratory. I hope to remain active in motivating students toward the study of the natural environment, and particularly plants. Look here for essays/musings/rants by an old man who MAY still have something relevant to say........

Current activities consist mainly of organizing volunteers helping with the digitization of the herbarium, keeping the herbarium website updated, raising awareness of the herbarium value and fundraising. Generally getting in the way of the curator - Ms. Kristi Dysievick.

My main "research" interests are in the geographical distribution of regional lichens, bryophytes and vascular plants. This is mainly through contributions to iNaturalist and membership in Thunder Bay Field Naturalist club, Field Botanists of Ontario and the Society of Herbarium Curators.

My contributions to iNaturalist may be visible here. Otherwise, if you can find me on iNaturalist as lada51.