28th Tuckerman Lichen Workshop - Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

Professional and amateur lichenologists from around North America met in our neighbourhood from September 5th to 10th of 2019 for their 28th Tuckerman gathering. With financial support from the NY Botanical Garden and Canadian Museum of Nature, the group of about 38 participants stayed at the provincial park's conference center. The newly renovated facility provided sleeping quarters, large kitchen/dining area and most importantly a large conference room, which was converted into a temporary laboratory full of microscopes on loan from Lakehead University's Biology Department. The group explored our lichen rich boreal environment and will add substantially to the list of known species occurring in the park. Final results will be available by March of 2020, but early indications are that the group may have found not only new species for our area and North America, but possibly previously unknown lichen(s)!! You can hear more about the workshop at this link.