Honour list of volunteers

Progress with the digitization and functioning of the herbarium itself would not be possible without the help of numerous volunteers. Their help is appreciated and acknowledged on the page. Some of these helpers have become paid part-time herbarium associates (shown in bold), who help with teaching the volunteers and provide continuity to the herbarium work. We hope to be able to hire a full time curator one day.

Lichen collection:

Jonathan Avella, Samantha Calabrese, Jason Feller, Jillian Johns, Sumaya Iqbal, Lada Malek, Dan Paju, Georgina Tough, Barbara Yurkoski, Viktoriya Dyukaryeva .

Vascular plant collection:

Vincent Knight, Lilian Yuen Ting Lam, Jordan Lukacz, Meghan Drake, Brittany Thatcher, Sazia Barodawala, Silpa Reddy Kanchi, Kevin Tran, Myles Cummins, Tara Doherty, Ethan Brandt. Additional volunteers in 2019-20: Andraya Colistro, Viktoriya Dyukaryeva, Celena Brosseau, Shaalin Dlaymi, Nadia Petit, Johann Wehrstedt.

Lilian Lam busy at work entering new data into our database, student volunteer Myles Cumming in the background.

Volunteers in 2021-2022 were numerous and the recruitment efforts and continued herbarium contribution of Myles Cummins are greatly appreciated. We hope we did not forget anyone helping this year: Viktoriya Dyukaryeva, Tara Doherty, Tavia Brander, Amy Perkovic, Angelina Vatamanelu, Emily Palahnuk, Grace Richards, Nicole Erickson, Stephanie Davidson, Sabrina Gatt, Griffin Scullino and Colin Warwick.