Northwestern Ontario's
Over 105,000 Specimens


Lilian Lam and Myles Cummins working in the LKHD herbarium

The Claude Garton Herbarium is located on the third floor (CB3027) of the Centennial Building at Lakehead University. It was established in 1967 and given the universal herbarium code of LKHD.

The present and future focus is to keep it as a regional herbarium of Northwestern Ontario. The regional collection is being photographed (see the Collections pages). However, through exchanges in the past, the Herbarium has specimens from other regions of Canada and many other parts of the world. We are in the process of entering the entire collection into a searchable database to be made available in the future.

The Claude Garton Herbarium is open to the public (call or e-mail to confirm hours of operation). Kristi Dysievick is the present curator. Loans of specimens are usually reserved for institutions that are carrying out research such as plant distributions and taxonomic revisions.

Maintenance of this website, development of the digitization process and effective deployment of the databases and spreadsheets would be impossible without the direct involvement of a programmer, Mr. Sasha Dorval. He dedicated significant amount of time to assisting us with establishing the structure of this website. We are grateful for his interest in both, botany and computers. Most recently (2021), we received significant help from Dr. Quing (Jason) Zhou, Head of Digital Initiatives at the Chancellor Patterson Library, who developed the OMEKA based database of our vascular plant collection. We also acknowledge the efforts of early contributors to the digitization process, under the guidance of previous curators.